The Power Of Faith

Faith is the inner spiritual eye which looks into the land of hope ahead. This is a power that taps into the great within and the Great above. This power once it possesses you, catapults you into the realm of opportunities and possibilities.

Faith makes the world go round. Faith is that something in man that transcends every form of limitation and opens the mind to the limitless powers of the great within. Great accomplishments are born out of faith. Great men and women are symbols of faith. The journey which Nelson Mandela walked is a journey of faith. Nobody could see where he was going, but he knew where he was going.

Faith Is Prophetic

Martin Luther King Jr dreamt of a world without social injustice and divisions. Back in the 1960s it was unimaginable to think of person of colour being treated as an equal. His dream was the prophetic voice of his time.

African telecommunications pioneer the late Miko Rwayitare, originally from tiny Rwanda had a dream to connect Africans who had never had a phone ring in the jungles of the Congo basin, and he created pan African telecom operator Telecel. When Henry Ford was busy working on the prototype Ford T Model, everybody thought he was crazy. What could go faster than a horse? He saw what nobody could see at the time.

Faith is about building your tomorrow today. It’s declaring possibility out of today’s impossibilities. It’s about calling things which are not as if they were. You are your own prophet. With faith you can declare (forth tell) the future, today and explain (foretell) tomorrow’s possibilities.

Faith is Creative

By faith, the Creator said “let there be light” and there was light. Faith is spiritual, because it believes in that which cannot be seen by the natural eyes. It is the midwife for great inventions. It took great faith for the Wright brothers to create an aeroplane. Faith is imaginative. It removes the veil of mystery and reveals to you, the unbounded possibilities of life. With faith you can create miracles and tap into the creative genius in the kingdom inside of you.

The world is waiting for a generation which will exploit resources without damaging the earth. Faith that took man to the moon is the same faith that man can use to preserve planet earth. The faith which created weapons of mass destruction can also create weapons of mass construction and prosperity.

I always keep my special journal where I write the ideas that come into my mind. Sometimes it’s just a picture which I draw, or one or two words which I just jot down. I then work on developing those ideas. It doesn’t always make sense when I start, but as I take steps of faith it all just seems to come together. That’s how I write most of the articles and develop the products and processes of Seedbed Consulting.

Faith is Motivational

There is no greater motivator, no better inspiration, no better hope than that built on faith. Faith can move the mountains of doubt, fear, discouragement or failure. It rises above every obstacle in the world and reaches the greatest heights and fathoms the greatest depth. Great men and women never attribute their success to their genius or master mind, but to their never say die spirit. Billionaire Sir Richard Branson built the whole Virgin empire with no cash but using the faith currency. Whether challenging the giant British Airways monopoly to launch Virgin Airways or challenging mighty Coke with Virgin Cola, faith was the key.

Faith is an attitude of mind that turns you into the inner, the hidden, the unseen, the great beyond, and takes your consciousness into those finer realms where everything is perfect. It taps into the kingdoms of the great within you. With faith the circumstances of your life are subject to change.

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