Building Your Personal Brand

Have you ever thought of yourself as a brand? What brand are you? A ‘no name’ or a premium brand? Every one of us is a brand. There are two groups of people in this world – the trivial many and the vital few. The trivial many are those who go through life completely unnoticed and without making an impact. The vital few are those who have a presence in life – they can be felt and are seen.

I live in a city where there are so many VW Golf cars; even if one is stunning in appearance its beauty is lost in the crowd. To have the persona of a unique brand one needs to have the presence of a top of the range Ferrari or a Lamborghini Murcielago to stand out from the crowd and not be swallowed in the masses.

In order for one to stand out, you need to step out of the box of familiarity, reassert and reconnect with that which makes you great!

It’s time to buck the trend and not go with the flow. If God wanted us all the same, He would have cloned us into robots. Dare to be different and brew your own brand. In a world full of winching, whining and moaning about the global crisis, the inclination to have a deficit mentality is very high. By appreciative inquiry you can look inside yourself and activate the deposit of significance and vitality in you.

Show the world what you are made of. This is a time to build your brand. The best stand out from the rest.

Position Your Brand

Your purpose gives your personal brand a unique position. Purpose is the foundation of your personal brand. In order to stand out, you need to position yourself in line with the one thing which you were born into this world to do. Take your position in that family, community, company, country. You look the part, so play your part.

President Obama was born to bring change and hope. You read his two books Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope; you get convinced he is positioned in line with his purpose. His whole presidential campaign was based on his brand of change and hope. Identify your purpose and build your brand around that purpose.

Your Core Competency

Businesses build their brands around their core competency. Core competency is the source of competitive advantage. Mercedes Benz is known for luxurious engineering genius. BMW is known for high performance cars. These two brands have been built around their respective competency.

What are you known for? You build your brand around what you are good at it. There are three things which make up your competency namely talent, knowledge and skills. To stand out, you need to play your core competencies. You cannot give what you do not have. Your unique gifting, inimitable knowledge and special skills give you a natural advantage. So, build your brand around it.

Build Brand Equity

Over a period of time your personal brand accrues value. This value is a result of the effort you put in developing your personal brand. You are an asset and you develop value not by what you accumulate but by what you give. In business you sweat your assets to create value. The Coca Cola brand is worth billions because you can literally label coloured water “Coca Cola” and people will still buy it.

What is your value add to the world around you? What difference are you making to those around you? This is what builds your brand equity. You need to consciously invest in your brand by improving yourself. Improve your knowledge, upgrade your image and protect your brand.

NB: Using Appreciative Coaching approaches, Seedbed Consulting offers Personal Branding to help you with developing your personal brand. Please visit our website for details

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