A Triumphant Generation

Tough times require tough leaders. Joshua who succeeded Moses, the lawgiver is a good example. Joshua represents a generation of people who are ready to make a difference. Moses was a reluctant leader, but Joshua was a “can do leader” He finished the work Moses could not complete and led the children of Israel to victory in the Promised Land. The Joshua generation is the triumphant generation which will change this world.

If the whole world is in a crisis, no one is going to do anything for someone, so we have to learn to do it ourselves. The children of Israel made the long walk to the Promised Land themselves and fought their own battles.

A brief summary of Joshua’s CV provides some insight into this great leader: CEO of Israel Incorporated. He was educated at the Egypt Prep School (40 years), Wilderness School of Business and Moses School of Leadership (for 40 years). He was the Commander at the decisive battle against Amalek and conquered 6 nations and 31 kings in his career. The crowning moment was the listing of Promised Land Properties on the Zion Stock Exchange. Cest impressif!

There are some lessons we can learn from Joshua.

The Promised Land

In order to get to the Promised Land, Joshua had to overcome nations which were already there. These included the Giggasites, the Perrizites and others. He also had to crossover a flooded river Jordan. Joshua marketed freedom to the slaves with his vision of a Promised Land that flows with milk and honey.

The destination of your life is your Promised Land or Canaan. To get there you need to overcome the various obstacles in your way. Your life must crossover the Jordan of financial crisis, failure, poverty, sickness into the promised land of success, prosperity, health, etc.

No Compromise

Joshua was a no nonsense leader. He did not turn to the left nor to the right. He was determined to take over the Promised Land. He was willing to pay the price. He accomplished his mission of taking over. He never faltered from his mission to bring the slaves “home,” even when things seemed hopeless.

You need to have a no nonsense attitude when it comes to your journey to the Promised Land. Avoid detours and become distraction intolerant. Stay focused on the destination.

Strong and Courageous

Joshua was courageous and bold. Israel was still a growing nation and they had a rag tag army which did not know how to fight. They had spent many years as slaves in Egypt. It took the courage of Joshua to say “Yes we can”, and yes they did.

You might have been a slave to debt, poverty, even a paid slave (remember if you cannot determine your salary, you are a slave), but if you are courageous you can crossover into your promised land. Without courage you become a slave of your insecurity and you will not let go of the familiar.

This is a season for you to go to your Promised Land. It does not matter what challenges are standing in your way. Neither does it matter that you have never done this before. Have a strong sense of perseverance. In this fast-paced, short-attention-span world, it’s challenging to stick things out. But stay on track, make adjustments along the way if necessary, and get to completion.

Promised Land beckons!

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