The Power Of Passion

There are lesser truths and greater truths, just as there is lesser light and greater light. I want to share some greater truths about success. There are three levels of success. The first level is for people who know their purpose. The second level is for people who have a vision and set goals to achieve it. The third level is for people who have passion for their purpose, vision and goals. This is the level of success that leads to greatness.
Dr Martin Luther King Jr knew that his purpose was emancipating his generation. His vision was the attainment of ‘equality of all man in society’. He was so passionate about this he was sent to jail many times for it and even died for it. He experienced the three levels of success. More than 40 years after his death what he gave to not just America but the whole world is still celebrated.
Purpose is about knowing why you must do what you must do. Vision is about knowing what you must do. Passion is about how you must do what you must do. The reason why some people seem to be less successful than others is not because they don’t know their purpose or do not have a vision. Passion is the motivation that sustains your focus on your goals.
The Oil on The Wheel of Purpose
If purpose is the wheel and vision and goals the cogs in that wheel, passion is the oil that lubricates that wheel. A wheel can turn on a car from Cape to Cairo and not break down because of oil. This is what passion does to your purpose and vision. You feel no pain, neither do you tire nor experience burn out. With passion you look more into the future than you look at your watch. Passion makes you a great implementer, executor and finisher. You are convicted to finish and finish well.
The Apostle Paul was a greater finisher because he was passionate. He was seized with “this one thing I do, forgetting what lies behind….I press on toward the mark…” Only one thing mattered to him – the attainment of his purpose, and that is why at the end of his life he said “I have fought the good fight of faith, I have finished my course”. Paul ran the full course because he had the oil of passion. If your wheel of purpose is turning without passion you may soon burn out, or you may not finish the course. Fill up on passion!
Crazy and Possessed
A few months ago when we were repositioning our company Seedbed, we listed four values which describe the work we do. We included “Crazy and Possessed” as two of the four values. Sounds crazy and spooky? That’s the whole point. We believe so much in the work that we do that, we can work without stopping, sometimes we forget to eat, we sleep very late and we don’t have weekends. We feel taking a break interferes with our energy and momentum. We are not preoccupied with the money we make out of it, but with the lives, organisations, communities and nations we can change. We are seized with this work. The reason is because we are operating in our strength zone.
Passion driven by purpose separates you from the crowd. To achieve success you need to come to a point where you are crazy about your goals. It’s the only thing that matters to you. You can give your all to it. The reward is not monetary but the achievement of your special assignment. Greatness is not the accumulation of material wealth; it is measured by the accumulation of what you give to humanity.
No Place That Far
Most of you have been in love before. If your goal is to win that woman or that man, you lay down your life even if it means bringing the moon to him or her. I remember when I met my wife some years ago, I was crazy. As my principle treasure, I remember I would accompany her to their house every day after work using public transport. I remember one day it rained so heavily while I was on my way from there and I was soaked to the bone. It didn’t matter to me at all because my vision was to completely win her heart. There was no place that far for me, where I wouldn’t go just to be with her.
The point is when you are so passionate about your goals you can overcome every obstacle, opposition, challenge. If we were to accuse you of being crazy and possessed by your purpose and vision would the charges stick? Passion leads to deep commitment, deep resolution, deep motivation and deep conviction. Greatness in life is not about finding something to live for, but something to die for.

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