Operating In Your Strength Zone

The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life….life that fails to fulfil its purpose and potential – Dr Myles Munroe

I was recently asked by a colleague about my vision in life. I responded and said “My vision is to use my heart, mind and voice to inspire others to discover and achieve their dreams” He was surprised because he thought I would say something ‘lofty’ like having a big business etc. I must admit that when I was growing up, the images I had of success were very materialistic – big job, big car, big house et.c. However in recent years as I began to understand my wiring and my purpose I have repurposed my life to align with what I am in this world for.

As the year begins, my message to you is very simple – “find the one thing that you must do and pursue it with relentless focus”. To achieve greatness in life you need to play that part which only you can play. I know this is a year of different things to different people – “Year of Flourish, Year of 7 Fold Increase, Year of Fruitfulness, etc”. That is all great, but if you are not aligned to your purpose and potential you will not be positioned to fully experience all that.

Your Purpose and Your Strength Zone

One of the best definitions of success I have ever come across is the one by John Maxwell: “Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to your maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others”. Your purpose in life is connected to your giftedness or your wiring. The natural talents, your personality and abilities are all fit for your purpose.

You are shaped for your purpose. Rick Warren talks about your S.H.A.P.E as Spiritual Gifts (the endowments the Creator has deposited in you), Heart (your desires, hopes, interests, dreams and ambitions), Abilities (natural talents), Personality and Experiences (including the negative ones too). Your SHAPE is your strength zone and the sweetspot of your success. We are different shapes and sizes because we all have different roles to play in this world. Are you playing your part?

I believe that you must work on your strengths more than you work on your weaknesses. Tiger Woods is not good with the sand wedge, but excellent with his driver. He spends all his time working on his drive so that the ball stays on the fairway and will never need to go into the sand bunkers. He stays in his strength zone. The key lesson is that spend time in your strength zone. You can only achieve success if you are operating in the area of your giftedness. This year and beyond I exhort you to stay in your strength zone.

Maximising Your Potential

Operating in your purpose means you are operating in your strength zone. Therefore you cannot be mediocre. If it was a choir, we would say you are singing your part. Tied to your purpose is a limitless potential. Potential is unexposed ability… reserved power…. untapped strength….capped capabilities…..unused success…dormant gifts….hidden talents….latent power. You need to fully exploit that potential that is in you ask yourself the following questions:

What you can do that you haven’t yet done

Where you can go that you haven’t yet gone

Who you can be that you haven’t yet imagined

How far you can reach that you haven’t yet reached

What you can see that you haven’t yet seen

What you can accomplish that you haven’t yet accomplished

In other words you are capable of much more than you are presently thinking, imagining, doing or being. In this 2009 you need to go beyond the limits.

Maximising your potential means you need to be fruitful, multiply, replenish and subdue the earth with your activities. Identify the one thing which only you can do, and do it like only you were born to do it. Stay in the flow and in the zone. Your strength zone is like a vein of diamond deposit or gold belt, so fully exploit it.

NB: If you visit our site www.seed-bed.com you will find that we do have a number of tools which can help you identify your purpose and we will help walk this journey with you. You can also respond directly to this email for more details.

Personal Note: I wish you a flourishing 2009. May the Lord bless you and everything that is yours. May His peace be found within your walls and opportunities come to you. You shall seek and find, knock and the door be opened for you. Importantly may you find your strength zone and operate fully in it.

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