The Balanced Life

On Monday this week, we went for dinner with our friends to celebrate our wedding anniversary. As we sat chatting we discussed how sometimes we get so busy with our lives and unintentionally overlook the other areas of life. The pursuit of professional, business education or ministry success can easily relegate all the other areas of life to the background. Success in life is more than just a fat bank account, seven degree certificates, a big house, 10 cars, a mega ministry or a huge business. Make no mistake all those things are great, but the singular pursuit of one to the exclusion of other areas of life can be counter-productive in the long run. Your health, relationships, spiritual condition, are all just as important.

As I reflected on our conversation I began to think about the need for a balanced life. If your life is not balanced you will soon suffer from either ‘social/spiritual/soul/financial kwashiorkor’ or other deficiency syndromes. Let me share with you the 5 balances you need to have in life.

Spiritual Balance

Wo(man) born of God is fundamentally a spiritual being. You are a bundle of spiritual energy. How well that energy sparkles depends on how well connected are you to the Ultimate Creative Source. When you tap into this Source, you become untouchable in a good way. Spiritual balance is that untapped, yet incredibly powerful, almost magical kind of power. It’s the inner energy we all have. It’s a major component of contentment and peace-of-mind. When we are connected spiritually we become at peace with our Creator, self and others. In this state we operate in the fullness of divine possibility and power. This balance is the bedrock for the next 4 balances.

Financial Balance

“Money answereth all things” – Ecclesiastes

Money is good. It is the love of money which is the root of all evil. You need money in life to make a difference to your own life, let alone the lives of others. Money amplifies your voice and your influence as ‘The Preacher’ said in Ecclesiastes because “…the poor man’s wisdom is despised, and his words are not heard” The voice of Bill Gates caries weight because he has some financial leverage.

To change the world we need people who have financial leverage to champion causes that change social and economic conditions. If you lack in financial balance, soon or later it may just start to affect your health and mental condition. It is therefore important that you learn to create financial wealth with your ideas and your hands. Learn the art of creating value and always remember that money is an idea.

Physical Balance

Without a prosperity in your body, financial prosperity counts for nothing. To enjoy financial balance you need to have physical balance. After a punishing schedule this year, I really feel my body calling for a ‘time out’. I need rest. It’s important to periodically retreat to revitalise your body. A healthy mind is in a healthy body. Linked to physical balance is the need to watch the foods we eat, cut out intoxicating substances and other degenerative fleshly indulgences.

Social Balance

Social balance is at two levels – self and others. At the level of self, you need to have a good sense of self esteem and security so you can relate with others in a healthy way. We were created as social animals with a relational instinct and affinity for fellowship. When we neglect this, we become deficient. You probably have come across many who would readily trade material wealth for true love or even a good friendship. We are healthier and happier when we have rewarding, healthy relationships with others. This balance includes family. Strong families build strong communities and nations.

Mental Balance

Empires of the future are empires of the mind – Winston Churchill. You are a product of everything your mind has imbibed. A sound mind comes from the facts, skills, talents, and life experiences you’ve built up and developed over the years. If your mind has stopped learning then your life starts to plateau, and soon you will hit the skids. Broaden your possibilities by reading widely; deepen your insight by investigative learning. A leader is a reader.

IMPORTANT: Let’s all take time to pray for Zimbabwe, which has sadly become a rendezvous of broken humanity. One gets the sense that this great nation of beautiful people is now on autopilot with no solution in sight. But may our faith in a God who is able give us the strength to pray and not give up in this midnight hour.

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