Obama Barack: Writing a Piece of History

Kenyan father, orphan, black, extreme poverty, young, inexperienced, strong African roots and American President. Something is out of place here. Oh really, wait a minute, this is Obama we are talking. He is now the 44th President of America. He was up against McCain who is very American, a decorated war here and experienced politician. If Martin Luther King wrote the “I have a Dream” speech, Obama Barack has fulfilled that dream. History has been made – a ‘nigger’ is America’s new president.

40 years ago, JF Kennedy predicted a ‘negro could be elected President in America in 40 years’ He was right. Obama has done it in style and with crushing victory to just demonstrate its no fluke. He has shattered all records for fundraising, campaigning style and defined new frontiers in the global body politic. This is pregnant with so many lessons.

A Joshua Generation

Obama represents the Joshua generation. This is a generation which fulfils the ideals or realises the dream. Like the biblical Joshua, they are the ones who cross over to takeover. We all have that generational responsibility to stand on the shoulders of previous generations and realise their dreams. Today, nobody and nothing encapsulates that responsibility more than the historic journey and victory that President Obama has travelled. You all have a responsibility to arise as Joshuas in your space, and make a difference. There are dreams which only you can fulfil. A piece of history only you can write. There is a level of grace for you when you stand in your place and submit to divine destiny.

Just Do It

If Obama had held back he could have missed this opportunity. But he decided to just do it. How many times do we hold back and try to rationalise and reason things out. ‘I have no money, I am from poor country, I am black, I am a woman, a divorcee, young…inexperienced’. Why not just ask yourself a question, “What if it works out?” So just do it. You will never know the joys of flying unless you leave neither the ground, nor the thrills of sailing until you leave the shoreline. The future belongs to the Joshua type who will just do it. Time would fail me if I talk of David who took the mighty Goliath. The secret is in just doing it.

Inspiration Moment and Symbolic Victory

We all draw inspiration from this symbolic victory against prejudice, poverty, limited backgrounds. Coming at a time when the world in great financial and social turmoil, it communicates great hope in the inherent ability of the world to self correct. This moment should energise those who were feeling there are so many mountains to climb and so many rivers to cross. It has been particularly a very difficult year for so many people especially those in countries like Zimbabwe. However, on a day like this and a year like this, your faith in a God who makes all things beautiful in His time is reinforced.

You all can write your own piece of history. Salut la President Obama et vive la Monsiuer President!

One comment

  1. I agree with you. Obama has not limited the hands of God in his life. He let go and let God do things by just doing it when the opportunity to run as president of America came in.
    I have seen reasons why God planted him such position. Obama by far stands as the most powerful man now in this world representing the most powerful country in the world the United States of America.
    Whatever it is this brings us to reflect why God permitted this thing to happen.

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