Set Up For A Step Up

Last week, I shared about The Way of An Eagle. Building on that I would like to share some more things which I got a revelation on during this week. I want to challenge your world view. This will help you to see light in the darkness, and not to see darkness in the light. Your mental models will change from negative to positive paradigms. You will see opportunity in opposition. A problem changes into a challenge. A negative experience turns into a learning point. You must always know that when you are DOWN to nothing, your Creator is UP to something! Is life lording it over you? Swap roles. Change your mental models.

Feathers, Twigs And Thorns

I was tempted to call this paragraph, “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”. Anyway, let’s talk about the eagle. When ready to lay eggs, the female and male eagle identify a place very high on a cliff where no predators can reach. The male flies to earth and picks thorns and lays them on the crevice of the cliff, then flies to earth again to collect twigs which he lays in the intended nest. He flies back to earth and picks thorns laying them on top of the twigs. He flies back to earth and picks soft grass to cover the thorns. When this first layering is complete the male eagle runs back to earth and picks more thorns, lays them on the nest; runs back to get grass and put it on top of the thorns, then plucks his feathers to complete the nest. The thorns on the outside of the nest protect it from possible intruders. The twigs give shape or structure, and the feathers give comfort to the nest.

The nest is a combination of twigs, feathers and thorns. But each ingredient is for a good purpose. Ultimately the eaglets will fly out safe and strong. Life is pretty much like that – the good and the bad running parallel. I love the Creator because He has a character called providence. This is a compound Greek word – pro means before, and video – to see. He sees before! What this means is that everything that happens in your life happens with his express knowledge and foresight. Yes the good and the bad! Let me put a caveat on this one – He is NOT the author of the bad, but when He allows it to happen, He can make it work out for your good. You can walk in your providential destiny.

Set Up

“ As an eagle that stirreth up her nest, That fluttereth over her young, He spread abroad his wings, he took them, He bare them on his pinions” Deuteronomy 32:11

Moses the lawgiver wrote this verse in the greatest book. I imagine he observed eagles when he went up Mount Sinai to get the law. What was going through his mind? During the time of training the young ones to fly, the mother eagle throws the eaglets out of the nest. Because they are scared, they jump into the nest again. Next, she throws them out and then takes off the soft layers of the nest, leaving the thorns bare. Ouch! When the scared eaglets again jump into the nest, they are pricked by thorns. Shrieking and bleeding they jump out again this time wondering why the mother and father who love them so much are torturing them. Next, mother eagle pushes them off the cliff into the air. As they shriek in fear, father eagle flies out and catches them up on his back before they fall and brings them back to the cliff. This goes on for some time until they start flapping their wings. They get excited at this newfound knowledge that they can fly. Wow!

Losing The Battle To Win A War

You can lose the battle of staying in the nest, but you can win the war of knowing the joys of being a high flyer. I like the latter. The preparation of the nest teaches us to prepare for changes. The things we do today, set us up for our success tomorrow. It just depends on how we see it. Life is dynamic so prepare today for tomorrow. The being pricked by the thorns tells us that sometimes being too comfortable where we are may result into our not experiencing life, not progressing and not learning at all. The thorns of life come to teach us that we need to grow, get out of the nest and live on. We may not know it but the seemingly comfortable and safe haven may have thorns. The caterpillar that lies inside the cocoon will never become the beautiful butterfly if someone cuts open the cocoon prematurely. It is the struggle itself that allows the butterfly to emerge as a strong. Circumstances that go beyond our capabilities of solving them place us in a position where we can completely trust our Creator. He has a great plan for your life and sometimes it involves setting you up in order for you to step up.


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  2. Fantastic writing Lovemore.This is what our pastor , TD Jakes was teaching on yesterday from the book of Daniel . His message was titled,”The test is your promotion”.Let me not start preaching here but this is wonderful writing, very inspiring and encouraging.

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