Intuition: The Sub-conscious mind is not Infallible – Rakhee Nathoo

What is the purpose of the subconscious mind?

It has been said that “There is nothing new under the sun”. Perhaps this idea stems from the concept that all possibilities exist at all times – it’s just a matter of which one do we choose at any one time. What we regard as trial and error experiments, we could perhaps minimize as we learn to access the subconscious mind. When we are fully relaxed, the sub-conscious mind is there to help us create. It brings forward information that we would not otherwise have access to. We need to oscillate between the super-conscious and conscious states in order to manifest into some form the vast creative energy/intelligence that exists in the sub-conscious realm.

How do we use the sub-conscious mind?

While the concept of applying the sub-conscious mind is still a relatively new one, those who are more enthusiastic should also guard against taking the concept too far. We cannot know upfront what our life-journey is and so we cannot know what the outcome is each decision is to be. When it has occurred, we cannot know whether the outcome was moving us closer to our life-purpose or further away.

It has taken mankind millions of years to evolve to a state where we are aware that we have a mind that can be trained to work for us or else it generally defaults to working against us. Just as in my own life, I expect most others would also notice all the self-inflicted pain and suffering that has been caused by the mind reading stories into situations that may actually never have existed. That’s where it starts and if that negative state is acted upon, untold misery can follow. I suppose, most people buy into this concept of training the mind to be as positive thinking and objective as possible.

It follows then that the subconscious mind as vast and non-discretionary as it is, can be a powerful tool for creation or destruction. If we are to go by the example of the conscious mind, the benefits or harm affect the self as much as they do the external world.

So, how do we go about training the sub-conscious mind?

At this stage in our evolution, I believe it would help us to first understand the sub-conscious mind. It is there to provide information and aid the conscious mind in accomplishing it’s quests. It conveys inspiration from the spirit energy. So, the question is how do we go about gaining a deeper understanding of the sub-conscious mind?

Respect and acknowledgement

Firstly, by ensuring that we respect the sub-conscious mind just as much as we do all the other parts of the magnificent entity known as the human body. While respecting it, we need to ensure that it is mature/evolved enough to handle the responsibility of being a guide to the conscious mind. After all, it is a tremendous responsibility to convey messages from the spirit to the conscious mind.

Holistic Alignment

Secondly, by ensuring that the mind (conscious and sub-conscious) is aligned with the will of the body and spirit. In order to achieve this, we need to develop a good relationship with the mind, body and spirit. (At this point you may ask who are we if not the mind, body or spirit? My view is that we are the fragment of the larger spirit body able to objectively identify as the seer who looks at the results of each decision and action and is able to inject enough love energy to keep the body and mind in motion).

When is the mind aligned with the spirit?

When a thought is made out of love, it is aligned with the spirit. When it is made out of fear, it is misaligned. When our interpretation of a sub-conscious message leaves us feeling fearful, then we have misinterpreted the message. If it is a message of how to love ourselves and others better, then it has been correctly interpreted. The law of nature is abundance rather than sacrifice.

Universal Love

Thirdly, by raising our state of consciousness to a point where we can experience that we are all one. This means that there will no longer be a place for judgment, prejudice or any emotion other than love for ourselves or for anything in existence.

How will we know when we have it?

We will be able to access an answer whenever we ask for it. There will be no doubt in our minds regarding what the message is. It may not make logical sense to the conscious mind and it may even cause unhappiness. However, a message that is aligned with the spirit is not concerned with transcient happiness or sorrow – it’s objective is to help us realize our spiritual mission. It will therefore require courage to act upon the message.

What are the signs of a less evolved relationship with the whole self?

Inner-conflict. Discomfort with whichever decision is chosen. Feelings of anger, hate, jealousy, frustration, fear, loneliness and any other numerous shadow emotions that we as humans experience either toward ourselves or toward others. Ultimately, there is only love. Anything else is just the journey of the shadow side of love.

Is mastery of the sub-conscious mind an impossible goal to aim for?

Why should it be when we’ve all experienced glimpses of our sub-concious mind in action – be it through inspired writing, painting, creating. Should we wish to be able to access it at will, then that will require mastery of the conscious mind first and belief in our abilities to do it. It is, afterall, our birthright to use all of our faculties optimally. Mastery of the sub-conscious mind will follow when we are ready for it – we must beware of tricking ourselves

Guest Post By Rakhee Nathoo

Executive and Personal Coach

Coaching South Africa

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