Champions: Second Half, Best Half

THE month of June marks the middle of the year. If you set goals at the beginning of the year, it means you have another six months to achieve them. I believe the months and seasons we have in our life are meant to give us another chance. The first six months might have been such a bumpy ride. You feel battered, bruised, used, abused, doomed, and downcast. I have got a word for you today.

Don’t pack your bags yet. You can make the second half of the year the best half. In sports, there is half time to allow teams, to re-fire, recover, reorganize, realign, refocus and get another chance. It is not over until YOU win.

Generation of Champions

You belong to a generation of champions. It’s a generation that is making a difference to this world. You are a visionary heavyweight and not a character lightweight either. You have the tenacity of a pit bull, eye of an eagle and the heart of a lion. You have your eye on the goal, the staying power and the courage to face whatever stands in your way.

Refocus and Re-fire

If you had set out to save US$10 000 and you are now even in overdraft, I bet you feel deflated. The business does not seem to be doing well. You have just failed that Engineering course in the first semester. Your project is behind schedule or off the rails. The economy looks like it has hit a slippery slope. The marriage has become an endurance test.

I counsel you to get into an empty room, switch off your phone and begin to talk your faith. As you do that fear goes out through the window. Reconnect with those moments at the beginning of the year when you conceived those high and lofty goals. If you have your back against the wall, use the wall as a springboard and make a comeback. If on the ropes, get a grip on the rope and find your balance again. If in the corner, catch your breath, stand up and fight. As a champion you might stumble, even fall, but you become a champion because you don’t stay down.

Renew and Reorganize

During half time, the coach, highlights areas of weakness. The team is asked to remedy the deficiencies. In going into the second half, you need to let go of the bad habits, and old patterns. Great teams know how to change their game for a win. If you have been slothful, it is time to add some passion. If you have been lethargic, you need some verve. If in the first half your heart has been weak, you need to get a new heart. If your methods of achieving your goals are not working so far you need to re-jig. We can turn the game on its head.

Get In the Zone

In sport, there is moment called “in the zone”. It is a magical moment.  This is a moment when if you are a soccer striker you are face to face with the goalie, and all you need to do is to tap it in. In rugby, it is when you go for a try, that moment when you are about to get the ball to the line. In golf it is when you hit a birdie, or an eagle, or when you are putting, and it feels like the hole is coming to your putter.

I want to liken the “in the zone” moment to a point in your life called a “kairos moment”. A kairos moment is the time appointed by your Creator for your breakthrough. This moment does not respect the “chronos” which is the normal time (chronology). Where the Kairos and chronos moments intersect is your point of breakthrough. Many call this point a miracle. This is an intervention of the supernatural (kairos) in the natural (chronos). Miracles can be created. Every seemingly difficult situation can change in the second half of the year. You get to that point when you have a heart of a champion and the spirit of a winner. This moment is for the tenacious and those with lots of spirit and heart.

May the second half of the year be your ‘in the zone” and may you encounter kairos moments.

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