Change Your World

Everyone one of us was born for a purpose. You are not a biological accident or a historical mishap. It was by divine foreknowledge and set purpose that you were born within that particular family at that particular time. It is for that reason why it is not braggadocios for you to claim that you were born to be great. You were born to create and fix things in your world. You were born to make a difference. God’s methods are men. You were sent to represent the agenda of your Maker in this world. Your point of greatness is your point of relevance. Some things must change in this world because you came. You represent a solution to the world around you because you were born for such a time as this.

Change Your World

Your world represents your family, community, neighbourhood, church, country, business or workplace. Purpose in your heart to do something wherever you are. It could even be planting a tree, adding something new to alter the landscape. Develop a new product, a new song for the choir, volunteer your time or knowledge or pray for your country. You cannot pass through a place and not leave a mark. When future generations come will they see any of your footsteps? Will they see monuments of success or ruins of failure? Beacons of hope or signposts of doom? Add value rather than destroy value. Your world must change because you were born for such a time as this.

Inspirational Dissatisfaction

Do not be content with the way things are. Instead of being despondent and negative, develop an inspirational dissatisfaction with the way things are. Develop a knack for progressive change. If things are bad, make them good, if they are good make them better, if they are better make them best. Instead of folding your hands in surrender, roll up your sleeves in defiance. Look at every challenge as an opportunity for you to be relevant. You make a difference when you develop inspirational dissatisfaction. Things must change because you were born for such a time as this to cause the change.

Generational Burden

The course of nations, politics, families, churches and businesses has been changed by individuals who developed a generational burden. Each generation receives the baton of responsibility. It is incumbent upon the current generation to continue the race. As we stand on the shoulders of previous generations, we have a responsibility to do better. When you develop a generational burden, you know the purpose of your generation and play your part. You need to have a burden to set certain things right in your generation. To perpetuate intergenerational weaknesses is irresponsible. If you inherited poverty from your father, your children must inherit wealth. Develop a burden to architect a new vision for your family, community, business and nation. Your generation must be the one to set up future generations for lasting success. You were born for such a time as this.

Not Under Your Watch

Once you receive the baton of generational responsibility there are things that must never happen under your watch. The company you are working for should grow because you are there. Your business should prosper under your watch. Your church should go to new levels under your watch. History must record that under your watch, family generational poverty was eradicated. It must be recorded under your watch, no more broken families. Under your watch you made the family name great. Under your watch you put the business on the map. Your generational legacy must be that you contributed to building a great nation. You were born for such a time as this.

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