No More Outsourcing

When great American jazz musician, Ray Charles was going blind, his mother told him,” Ray I wont beat around the bush with you. You are going blind. The doctors say there is nothing they can do, so we got to do it ourselves”. There is a time in life when nobody can do anything for you. Not even your brothers, parents, friends, sisters or neighbours. In moments like this you have to do it for yourself! Your employer can only do so much. There are aspects of your life which cannot be out sourced. Your future and your destiny cannot be left in the hands of your employer, government, or anybody for that matter. Life will not stop because you have a selfish employer; you are in the diaspora or under a despotic government. I want to persuade you to take a stand and be in command of your destiny. No more delegation, no more outsourcing. Do it yourself!

Failure Is An Inside Job

By searching into the gold mine of his soul, man can get all the answers to his life and the world around him. Many times it is easier to look through the window and blame it next door. The enemy lies within! You just need to look into the mirror and talk to the wo/man in the mirror because s/he is the problem. Infact someone once said that when you point your finger the other three point back at you. No matter, how daunting the circumstances of your life may be, the greatest battle you wage against failure occurs on the inside. The developing nations are always quick to blame the West for their economic woes, but they never consider corruption, cronyism and bad economic and political policies. Infact some countries behave as if the world owes them a living. It is the way most people behave – beggarly and dependant.

It’s Your Call

The capacity for choice is a God given human ability. You can choose today to discover your passion and influence the world around you. You can also choose to just coast through life, being neither ‘powerful beyond measure’ nor ‘powerless beyond description’. In other words being ordinary and taking your ‘chosen’ place amongst the trivial many. You can even choose to do nothing and follow where the path may lead. Actually the world has the immovable, the moved and the movers. There is a place for everyone only that you choose. It’s your call to answer to your calling. It has to be something to live for, and if necessary die for.

Facing Up To Your Responsibilities

How many times do you look for salvation to come from elsewhere, and not from yourself. You surrender your destiny to others, and become a slave doing the bidding for your master. You do not take charge of your life and wait for fate. Do something with a difference to make a difference to your life. Do not go with the flow – rules are for those who cannot make their own. If you need to break ranks to walk in your purpose and destiny so be it. You have one life and you better use it as your Maker intended. If you were waiting for someone to give you something, you better get the thing yourself with your own means. If your employer is giving you a raw deal, you better learn to cut your own deal. There is no need to pity party and look for sympathy, seek a solution to your situation.

Creators Of Destiny

The capacity for creation is an innate ability. You hold the key to every situation. It means you can create your future, as you desire it to be. There is nothing like, “whatever will be will be”. No a thousand times no! It’s not up to God, it’s up to you! Be certain of the course that your life must follow. Stay the course no matter what happens. In aglaflation (food inflation), hyperinflation, sickness, in the valleys, in the rough, in the bunkers stay tuned to your destiny. Rivers of great character, cut through the hardest rock. Talk your faith, and kill your fears. You create your future by your actions today. The way you respond to life determines where your life will go. Destiny is in your hands.

One comment

  1. Yes, of course you cannot outsourced your future, you cannot always depend to your employer and you cannot always depend to an outsourced company, because outsourced companies are taking advantage to the economy that they’ve been outsourced,and because it’s less cheaper.

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