Guard Your Heart

I recently had a small chat with my almost 5 year old son. I was using a hand drill to make a hole in the wall in the house and he said “I am scared” and then he ran away to hide. I then followed him and nicely explained to him, that I am not going to raise any cowards in the house. The word “scared” is banned in our house, so are the words, “I am afraid, I cant, I am confused…”. It then occurred to me that, the cartoons he has been watching are characterised by scary scenes, aliens, super heroes and villains. The stuff he had been watching was giving him a fearful disposition! The likelihood of a Mr Life Coach raising a timid young man is out of question for me. I decided there and then that no more useless cartoons to pollute the young man’s gullible spirit.

What is my point? Like children we are a product of the information we allow into our lives. This information forms strongholds and imaginations which can either make or break our lives. It finds its way into our spirits, and begins to affect our minds, and ultimately our actions. It is no wonder the wise Solomon said “Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it for are the issues of life”.

The Headquarters of Your Life

In the article last week I shared about, Success Consciousness. It is important for us to locate the place of the heart in relation to consciousness. The heart is the centre of all the operations of human life. It is the home of our personal life, hence we are all described, according to our heart e.g wise, wicked, upright and good. The heart is also the seat of the conscience. It influences the whole life and character. As the central organ in the body it is the centre of moral, spiritual, intellectual life. Heart is the place in which the process of self-consciousness is carried out, in which the soul is at home with itself, and is conscious of all its doing. The degree to which you can be victorious in any endeavour in life is determined by how much heart you have. The quality of your life reflects the quality of your heart. The quality of your heart is determined by the quality of what you have allowed into your heart. Have you been guarding your heart like treasure? If it is the headquarters of your life you will be more jealous about what you allow into your heart.

 Access Denied

There is stuff which should know that your heart is a no go area. There are newspapers and magazines which are full of hate speech, lies, negative news and images. You read them they affect your whole day. They fill your spirit with bitterness, hopelessness, fear, hatred and anger. The same goes for certain TV and radio programmes. Make no time for these. They pollute your mind and spirit and create a negative force field around you. Strongholds and negative imaginations begin to form in your mind. You see doom and gloom. Your creative capacity is reduced and you work with negative scenarios, paradigms and strategies. I call this a negative thinking mode. Politics is another area which is so emotive and draining. If you are not a politician I advise you to limit yourself to voting only. Leave the political analysts to theorise about political events. Never tie your destiny to social, economic and political events and processes, you will be so disappointed or so surprised. Even harmless looking events like soccer can affect your spirit. Movies are another area which you ought to be careful about. Apart from being a waste of time (mine is borrowed), they reinforce certain wrong stereotypes (especially soaps) and make one live in a make believe world.  Do not hang around whiners and winchers or engage in a pity party. You will soon develop ulcers or have a heart attack if you are not careful.

 Access Allowed

Stop meditating on sickness, poverty, inflation and problems. This is what will flow from your heart because you are sowing the wrong seeds. No wonder, some have nightmares everyday. Set the circumstances of your dreams. Thick success, love, health and peace. Don’t allow things to happen to you, you must happen to things. Stop looking for greener pastures, create green pastures. Think possibilities. Imagine things. You look at your currency and you think it’s useless. No a thousand times no!  Look at your money as a seed and watch it grow in value. The power of a seed is not in its size. If you catch this truth, you will never again allow the Central Bank to determine the value of your money.  Words break us, words build us. You need to feed your heart with the right material in terms of good books, audio and video material. I count the Bible as the greatest motivational material one could ever lay hands on for both reactive and proactive purposes.

 Be jealous about all the avenues to your heart.  Treasure it like a jewel, and tend it like a vineyard.

 Wish you and all that is yours good thoughts!

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