Success Consciousness

I made some interesting observation after the retirement of Fidel Castro. For 49 years, he lived with a single consciousness – socialism. He never turned left or right. He was strong in his beliefs. Socialism is in his blood. Even when the whole world moved to a new order, he remained steeped in his ideology. That is the consciousness he chose. He was in his own world. As individuals we all have a consciousness. The way you see your world determines the way you respond to circumstances, deal with issues and relate to others. Be it bad politics, battered economy, bad marriage, lousy job, struggling ministry or business. Consciousness is important because it gives you anchors and sails to withstand the winds and waves of life and the sails as you chart the course of your life.

What Is Success Consciousness

Success means achievement, victory, triumph, winning or accomplishment. Consciousness is an awareness of one’s personal identity or collective identity including attitudes, beliefs and sensitivities considered characteristic of a person or group. Success consciousness is therefore the characteristic identity, attitudes, beliefs and sensitivities consistent with a victor, winner or achiever. Your consciousness creates a force field around your life. This force field can either be negative or positive. Do you have the right identity, attitude, beliefs and sensitivities which make you a winner in life and create a positive force field?


Your identity refers to your uniqueness, distinctiveness, personality and character. This is who you are. When you have a consciousness of your identity, that is , who you are it changes the way you talk, walk or act. If you know you are a winner or a king in life you act like one. You are not ordinary and you are not a victim to what affects the ordinary man. It’s a choice about your identity. Refuse to see yourself being subject to what everyone is subject to – failure, poverty or inflation. Have a unique identity – a winner and kingly identity. Be sure about your identity the same way you are conscious about being a male or female. This will change the way you look at life.


Attitude refers to your thoughts, mindset, approach, stance, manner or outlook. A king in life is trained differently from a commoner. You don’t talk the common language. A king blesses and does not curse. The characteristic attitude of success comprises of three things namely faith, love and hope. Have faith in the great plan that the Creator has for your life. Faith is calling real what you have seen afar off in hope. Hope is belief in the future and in your goals. Pursue it with love. Love means no anger, no resentment and no complaining. An attitude of faith, love and hope is living from the inside out. You can write and frame your expectations. You no longer get weighed down by inflation figures, economy, politics, troubled marriage or struggling business.


Beliefs are your philosophy, viewpoint, idea or values. I believe life should never be up and down. It should be always up. I believe that everyone is a success. I believe that no one should struggle in life. What is my point? My point is that I most surely believe this to a point of stubbornness. I have a perfect understanding of these beliefs and I could explain clearly to anyone why I believe. It is my desire that anyone I speak to would have certainty about these beliefs I have about life. Beliefs are important because they influence the way you respond to life, the choices you make and eventually where your life goes. What are your beliefs?


Sensitivities can be defined as the capacity to respond and the degree of that response to our environment and or to others. What are you alive to and what really awakens you? Winners have a kingly spirit, and they empathise with the needs of others, identify with the weak and are touched by their bruises. We don’t need despots and dictators because everyone must be a winner. You are so strong, yet you condescend to their weakness. That is a winner spirit. However you can not be everything to everyone but yourself. Touch the lives of those you have to touch. Be a champion for a cause that is in your pathway. Change your life and the life of others. Be sensitive to lack. Poverty is not the absence of required necessity; it is a confession of inability.

Overwhelming blessings!

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