Hold On, Its Your Gr8 Year

There is lot of alarm and despondency in the air. In Sociology we would say the media has created a moral panic. You get the feeling the world’s wheels have come off. Electricity problems in Southern Africa. Inflation in Zimbabwe at 26000%. Global agflation (agriculture commodity/food driven) rising. US economy in dire straits. Banking scandal in France. Global recession expected. Oil price projected to hit USD100 a barrel. There is so much negative news in the atmosphere. But wait a minute. Please lend me your ear! Let me declare to you that 2008 is going to be a gr8 year.

The Power Of Information

The foregoing introduction shows the power of information. You are a product of information. Information guides your actions, your actions create your character and your character fashions your destiny. You are a gateway of information, so you can choose the information you want to allow into you. A long time ago Joshua and Caleb were sent to spy on the land of Canaan. Their fellow spies brought a negative report -there were giants in the land and Israel would stand no chance. Joshua and Caleb saw it differently – yes they saw the giants, but said they would conquer the giants. They saw what everybody saw, they heard what everybody heard BUT they did not consider or regard it. If you choose to believe what the papers and TV are saying, you might paralyse yourself with fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. Faith makes you work with a purpose and hope. Without faith and hope in the future you lack power in the present.

Facts and Truth

Facts are based on circumstances. Truth is based on revelation knowledge (I shared about the importance of having a revelation about self in the article The Great Mandate). Facts are what you see or hear. Truth is what you KNOW. Who are you? Know thyself! Yes, according to the circumstances global food inflation will rise. But the truth is your destiny is bigger than food and that will not stop you. The fact is you might be living in a county with the highest inflation in the world but the truth is you can be a success anywhere anytime. You carry your own atmosphere and operating environment in your mind. When it’s raining outside, the sun is shining inside you. When everything around you is winter, its summer inside you. The fact is you might be living in a foreign land, but the truth is you can never let that be a disadvantage. The point is you need to know the one truth – that is you are a SUCCESS always, anytime and anywhere. Any facts contrary to this truth are not worth wasting time on. Instead of pity partying, joining in demoralising discussions about the economy, politics (facts), it is better to engage in self conversations about charting your future.

Uncommon Breed

Today, my message to all my reading audience across the globe is that we are living in uncommon times, demanding an uncommon response from an uncommon breed. Uncommon seasons call for a different breed – an uncommon breed which will thrive in spite of the environment. Isaac of blessed memory planted seed in the land of Israel during a great famine. He reaped a bountiful harvest. Yes when there was drought! He was a different breed. The lesson is we can still do great things inspite of the negative global, country economic, social or political outlook. There is something that you can do which nobody has ever done which will make you a somebody. Dare to be different. Sing your song from a different hymn sheet, than join the symphony of despondency and orchestra of despair. You no longer need to think outside the box BUT rather burn the box and start to think. That is uncommon.

The Armour You Need

The day you conceive a dream, is also the day a war starts. This war is a conflict between what you are carrying and the circumstances around you. The circumstances could be criticism, lack of resources, economic challenges, social or political problems, lack of knowledge or even lack of a clear plan. Let me share with you the pieces of armour you need to win this war as follows:

Vision – Great armies thrive on a great vision. Troops rally around a vision. You need to be certain of the course that your life must follow. As the battles rage, vision is what steadies you. Instead of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, you become the light in the tunnel.

Mindset – how you think is important. I like the Greek word for mindset – phronesis. It means your conditioned thinking process and pattern. If you think weak, defeated and beggarly, you will become so. As a man thinketh so is he. To condition your mindset, feed on the right kind of books (not all the negative press and latest social and political gossip), tapes and DVDs. Make positive affirmations and confessions. Every morning when I stand before the mirror, I tell the man in the mirror “You are going places. You DON’T fail. You have a sound mind”. This conditions my mindset.

Faith – this is the most important piece of armour. It is more than just positive thinking. It is your response to what your Creator says about you and your future. You were created to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion. Life must never be a struggle. Faith is the dynamic which gives energy to your dreams. It is the title deed of what is hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen. It is the ability to believe before you see. I know you have been taught that “seeing is believing” – that is wrong! Faith gives you the courage to prosecute your vision regardless of what stands in your way.

God bless you.

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