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Wired For Entreprise

The capacity to create something out of nothing is what makes everyone of us very special. Every human has the instinct for entreprise. We are all wired with an inherent ability to develop, build, craft, generate, produce, or spawn something. This could be an invention, a book, poem or a business. We just need to activate the spirit which makes us create – the spirit of enterprise. Entrepreneurship is the opposite of being a victim. Your political, economic, social situation might have made you a victim, but a spirit of enterprise is the visa to victory. Extreme adversity is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. Whatever the situation you might be in, create possibilities. This spirit is not just about seeing possibilities and opportunities but about creating them.

Entreprise Spirit vs Spirit of Enterprise

Entreprise comes down to two things: who you are and how you think. You need to see yourself as born entrepreneur, and then have the mindset of entreprise. An entreprise spirit is what every human being gets when they are born. We all can perform an entreprise – work. With just the entreprise spirit, you are like a car with no petrol. What good is a car if it cannot be driven? The spirit of entreprise is the X factor you need to accomplish extra ordinary exploits. In other words you need to add attitude to the aptitude to tap into the wellsprings of entreprise. The entreprise spirit is the hardware and the spirit of entreprise is the software.

What you need to capture and cultivate is a spirit of entreprise. It is a consciousness of knowing that you are a creative being, and showing an attitude that goes with that awareness. In a way you have allowed failure, discouragement, the usual “lack of resources” to hamper your natural entrepreneurial instincts. The spirit of entreprise is the mindset or attitudes that allow the dormant entrepreneurial potential you have to be fully manifested.

Possessed By Spirit of Entreprise

When you cast out the demons of poverty, lethargy, apathy, procrastination, surrender you need to be filled with the spirit of entreprise. When this possesses you, it manifests as an overwhelming need for achievement and strong urge to build. Ask an entrepreneur like Patrice Motsepe (personal worth of R13 billion in 2007), Strive Masiyiwa (Econet founder), Phutuma Nhleko (MTN) or Nigel Chanakira (CEO of conglomerate KMAL). They will all tell you, that the spirit of entreprise is like fire shut in their bones. Do you have a dream that is threatening to tear you apart? Pursue it! This spirit makes one a tough, pragmatic individual driven by need of independence and achievement. The need to achieve drives you to a point of being a rebel with a cause. The spirit of entreprise gives birth to a vision. The vision is executed with such an enthusiastic passion and through persistence it becomes a reality. It translates you from the kingdom of doom and gloom to a kingdom of possibilities. Your vocabulary changes from “it cant” to “it can”, “problems” to “challenges”, “nothing” to “something”.

Hedge Your Interests

The spirit of entreprise means your eggs are not just in one basket and you are busy watching the basket. It is great wisdom to hedge your interests, whether you are a nation, businessperson, politician, student, employee or pastor. You need to have multiple streams of revenue or income. Create products and services which give you new revenue streams or additional income. You cannot wait for the future, create it today. Apart from your 5-8 job, you need to have additional income streams. Have a business on the side, as long as there is no conflict of interest. Write a book, blog, bake cakes, become a domain expert, piggyback (Virgin Mobile are doing it and they are in the mega money) be a commodity or service broker (somebody somewhere needs something that is a phone call away). Create something new, package it, patent it and make money from the intellectual property through passive and annuity income. Businesses also need to encourage a “spirit of intraprise”. This is achieved through creating a corporate social architecture that generates intellectual capital. For example allow your employees to dream, break down the suffocating bureaucracies, encourage and reward a spirit of entreprise. This will unleash the best of your employees.

Do it for yourself, do it for the world. With all thy getting get the spirit of entreprise.

God bless you and everyone else!

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