The Womb of Success Part 2

Show Us Your Faith

Preparation is the highest act of faith. When you prepare for something, it means you strongly believe that it will come to pass. Expectant mothers, prepare for the time that the baby will come. They buy clothes for ‘little people’. The home is prepared in readiness for the baby. The baby’s room is decorated in pink or blue depending on the sex of the baby. Your success is like the coming of a baby. You need to prepare for it. If you dream of making money, stop dreaming and start making it. It is the little steps of preparation that will get you there. An expectant mother will buy a romper today, gloves another day, nappies tomorrow, vests next week. Slowly the new baby’s wardrobe takes shape. That is preparation. As you also prepare for your success,

Activate Your Dream

A dream with no action remains a dream. I have folks in the village. Boy, do they have dreams! Everytime I visit them we just sit to catch up. They will tell you how they are going to be successful one day. How they will drive big cars and live in a nice city house. Meanwhile they will continue imbibing ‘skokiaan’ (home brew) and indulging in village gossip. Now that does not make for one serious about their dream. If you are an African you know what I am talking about here. Those folks are not bad at all, some of them are quiet brainy too. Their dreams join a cemetery of dreams because there is no ACTION. If you want to be a business person, go and register a company or buy a shelf company. Research about that business on the internet. Save some money towards your dream. Enrol in a Basic Business Course. Do a business plan. You will see your dream taking shape. Invest in yourself today to reap tomorrow. The things you do today, are the seeds for the harvest you get tomorrow. If you are a church pastor and you want to be a great pastor, go to a school of ministry, study about great ministers of the Word, follow their example. Like a photo the picture of your success gets clearer as you develop it. If you remain on the shoreline, you will not see your success at the horizon where the ocean meets the sky. I want to persuade you today, even to jerk you, please give us some action!

A Leader Is A Reader

An expectant mother reads all kinds of books to learn about mother hood. Every mother has a dream to be the best one. The books, internet research, advice and ante natal classes equip the mother with superior knowledge to handle the baby and attendant challenges. Albert Einstein said that, a problem cannot be solved at the same level at which it was created. In other words to get a solution to your situation you need to think higher than your problem. It is for that reason why companies may seek outsiders to turn around their business. Even in interpersonal, regional or national conflict, sometimes it has to take a mediator with a different thinking to bring peace to warring parties. Anyway lets talk about you. Yes, your mind needs to die and be renewed. Your mind needs continuous updates and rebooting in order to be compliant with the ever changing operating systems life presents to you.

Winston Churchill predicted that empires of the future are empires of the mind. You need to read. A leader is a reader. Education and learning give you multi-trajectories of opportunity. You need to be a fundi in your field. To obtain mastery in your area, you need to learn, study and research. The idea of undertaking doctoral studies strongly tickles my fancy, not because I want to look for a job with a PhD, but because I want to extend my knowledge horizons and increase possibilities in life. Businesses today are heavily investing in R & D and knowledge management, because they want to be strong today and tomorrow. How about you?

Delivering Your Dream

An expectant mother needs a gynaecologist, obstetrician and paediatrician. A gyaeno looks at the health of the mother and undelivered baby. She acts a as ‘mentor’ for the expectant mother until delivery. The obstetrician plays a mid wifery role to help deliver the baby. At that stage, the paediatrician takes over. The paediatrician performs the AGPAR test to just ensure the baby is normal and healthy. In order to deliver your dream, you need to have a mentor. A mentor gives you handles (shows you how things are done), roots (develop stability and strength) and wings (the confidence to become who you should be). You also need a catalyst. This is a person(s) who open doors for you and point you to the right places at the right time. This is a person(s) who ignite the spark to usher your dream. Relationships will take you much further than education. You need to know people (always remembering that who you see determines who sees you). Network. There is nothing wrong with having friends in high places! I have got Jesus. Lastly you need to have counselors and advisors to interrogate your dream. Your dream needs to be tested and given a quality stamp of approval; otherwise it can become a nightmare.

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