The Womb of Success Part 1

The Womb of Success

Last week on Friday night I was speaking to Cher, who is a media and publishing entrepreneur at a function. As we chatted she asked me where I get inspiration to do my consulting and motivational work. This is how I responded, “I am loaded! I mine it from the spirit”. There is a seed that is inside of me which I conceived. This has been growing inside of me. I nurture it, protect and cherish this seed that I carry. Every one of us has a seed of destiny inside of us. It is dropped into our spirits, but we have to acknowledge it and nurture this seed. Think about a woman when she conceives. The ante and post natal period is a gestation (development & growth) period. We would like to look at some anecdotes of success which we can learn from this.

Sanctify Yourself For Success

The moment of conception is a defining moment for the woman. A lot of things have to immediately change because of what she carries. No more stressful routines. Those who smoke and drink stop doing that for the sake of the baby. Most medicines especially antibiotics become a NO NO during the pregnancy. Even animals are known to be very protective during the gestation period. They become more territorial and jealousy of invasion of their space. This protective instinct is crucial for success. Your destiny is like a baby. You need to protect it and separate yourself for success. This can mean being circumspect about the company you keep, better work ethic, due discretion in the books and information you read. You can easily shipwreck your success if you do not know what you are carrying inside of you. Be more purposeful and have homing instinct that draws you to your destiny. Do not allow your destiny to be aborted by getting entangled with the wrong things.

Feed Your Success

“Eat for one, drink for two”, was what we were told during the ante-natal classes. There is a special diet for expectant mothers. The chances of a healthy baby are increased by adhering to a specific health regime. This in some instances is augmented by iron, vitamin and calcium supplements (organic not genetically modified /GMO). Even animals as primal as they are, go and hunt for good prey to feed the expectant female. Have you increased your chances of a healthy success by adhering to a healthy dietary regime? Are your nurturing your destiny, starving or feeding it on steroids. Feeding your success on steroids is when you are taking short cuts, buying your way to success. This does not work. Ask Marion Jones (She is returning 5 Gold Olympic medals after recently admitting to the use of steroids!). Feeding your success on GMO, is when you “hot wire” – bribery, unethical (end justify the means attitude). The way to success is to work for it. Years of feeding on steroids, GMO manifest in cancers, organ failure and degenerative diseases in later life. So great is your fall, when your success is fed on the wrong things. It catches up with you. Your success just degenerates or becomes malignant/ cancerous and devours you.

Speak to Your Success

A baby in the womb hears the parent(s) voice. Your destiny hears your voice. When the mother is stressed, the unborn gets stressed. Gynaoecologists encourage parents to speak to the unborn baby “You are great. You are super intelligent, You are man of valour. You are a woman of substance”. This has been proven that it does something to the spirit of the unborn child. Parents who shout at each other before the baby is born produce timid and low self confidence/ esteem offspring. What does that mean for your success? Every morning when you wake up, speak to your day, call forth favour, and declare open doors. In moments of confusion tell yourself you have a sound mind. Declare YOU ARE A SUCCESS! Life and death are in the power of the tongue according to the Ancient Book. There is a creative power in the words that we speak. Words are spiritual because you can’t touch them. Isn’t it? By the same token success is also spiritual because you can’t touch it right? So you can talk your way to success. The psychologists call it self talk or positive talk. Those like me who are from Zion (the city of God), call it FAITH because it is based on logos (written word) and rhema (spoken word). This stuff works!! It is for that reason why you should never allow anyone to talk you down. When they talk you down talk yourself up. When they write you off, write yourself in. Speak to your success.

Don’t miss out next week when we talk about the importance of preparation and the people you need to deliver your baby called destiny.

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